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Please note - The system is due to be discontinued in February 2018.
Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your custom.


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Frequently Asked Questions..

What's the Cost?

There is a one-off set-up charge of £20, then a renewal fee of just £5 per annum after the first year.
This cost includes one additional change to your details within the first 12 months, as specified below.

How can I pay for my website?

You can pay using any of the following methods:
1. Bank Transfer
- or -
2. Visa or Mastercard - this will be taken from the card securely via '2Checkout' (which is completely safe).
- or -
3. Payment can also be made by PayPal on your behalf from someone outside of Nigeria (PayPal do not trade with Nigeria unfortunately).

What are the costs for changes to my details?

These charges only apply to additional changes to the details that you give us when you order your website. The original website cost includes one change free of charge - one change from (1), (2) or (3) below.

After you have used up your free change, the following costs apply -

  •   (1) Changes to one or more of FM ID number, email address, phone number, skype address, name - £4
  •   (2) New Photo - £5
  •   (3) Change to your individual text - £5
  •   (4) Change to the Sponsors Number and / or Sponsors Full Name - £4

Examples -

  •    - You want to change your telephone number, email address and FM ID number - Total cost £4
  •    - You want to change your telephone number, email address, FM ID number and photo - cost = £4 + £5, Total cost = £9
  •    - You want to change your telephone number, email address, FM ID number, photo and 'About Me' text - cost = £4 + £5 + £5,
          Total cost = £14

Is there a renewal fee?

Yes. There is a renewal fee of £5 per year, from the second year onwards.

Does my website include statistics?

Your website does not have statistics installed when set up.
However, your website is compatible with Google Analytics. Google do not charge for their Analytics service.

So, you have two options -

1) Set up a Google analytics account and email the relevant code to us via the support page (don't forget your secret word). We will then add the code to your website free of charge.

To set up Google analytics go to -

During setup you will be asked for your website address. The format for this is - plus your username

for example:

2) We can create the Google Analytics account for you at a one-off cost of £5

Are my details stored online by in a database somewhere?

No. The system does not use an online database to store your details.

What do I do if I don't have a FM ID number?

You need be a member of FM to purchase a MyFMBusinessNG website. You should get back to the person who gave you this website address for details.

Can I use a domain name with my website?

Yes. The system has been successfully tested with 123Reg and 1&1 forwarding (do not used 'Framed' forwarding)

Is there a registration page that I can send people straight to?

Yes. The website address for your registration page is -

for example

Are the developers of MyFMBusinessNG members of any Networks?

No. The developers are not, and never have been, members of the FM Cosmetics network, or any other network.

Can I change my username?

Yes, but we will need to create and upload some new files, so there would be a cost of £7.50

How long will it be before my website is ready?

Once the payment process has been completed, your new website will display a 'coming soon' page almost immediately. This means that no-one else can order your username. Your details will then be added within 2 working days.

How will I know if my website is ready?

Simply type your web address into the address bar of your browser (not Google's search field). If your website appears, displaying your details, your website is ready!






It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.